Hog Inferno Cycle Deck That Got Me To 4400 Trophies

Wassup guys, Dark/Dank Prince back at it again with another guide!

This guide is kinda special to me, seeing as how this deck helped me reach my personal best of 4429.

It’s just a plain old Hog cycle deck, but it works better than expected. Let’s hop right in!


  • Only 3.1 total cost
  • 1 Legendary, rest Rares/Commons
  • Easy to learn


  • Too many mess ups screw you
  • Must keep elixir advantage
  • Only 1 tank killer

The Hog Inferno Deck

Hog Rider

My favorite win condition in the game.

Based off that sentence you should realize that this is your win condition in this deck, as all other cards are defense/support.


A key card in this deck, as tanking your Hog(especially at 4300) is important.

Not only can he tank your Hog, he’s rather talented in taking out Elite Barbarians, Goblin Gangs, etc


Musketeer is bae(did I really say that..ugh).

This is the ultimate support when paired with Hog Rider. And while we’re on the topic of her uses, she’ your main air defense too!

Great card for supporting Hog Rider, or supporting your towers when defending

Inferno Dragon

This used to be Mini Pekka at the start of my journey to 4300.

But I found I needed an easier tank killer to help me versus all the level 7 Pekkas, Lvl 13 RG’s, and Lvl 11 Giants.

So…yeah….your tank killer.

Ice Spirit


Freeze thy enemies, cycle to destroy thy enemies. Make your enemies cry. Ice Spirit does all!


Pull troops away from towers, towards towers (King tower), or to your troops defending.


The besterest spell for Hog decks, nothing can withstand the extreme heat of Fireball!

Okay…maybe a few things, but that doesn’t matter.

Fireball is for finishing off troops, towers, or BMing, depends on the situation.


Very important spell in this deck.

Use it for resetting troops killing tanks, finishing off fireball’s work, or getting rid of pesky tro



  • Keep an advantage elixir wise. If you can’t defend then you can’t win.
  • Don’t do anything you aren’t sure that will work, Ex. Fireballing without knowing it’ll hit something valuable.
  • Defense over offense. As most of these tips will point out, don’t do anything stupid while defending. But defend more than you attack, it’s not hard to do while getting massive damage, just always let them make the first move if you can.
  • Keep them guessing, don’t just focus on one tower unless you need to. Make them split have to split damage on you by splitting damage on them.