Best Clash Royale Decks – From Arena 1 to Arena 12 (Feb 2018)

Hey guys it’s Will and in this page I’m going to share with you the best Clash Royale decks for all Arena levels from Arena 1 to 11 and beyond, decks that I believe to be some of the best in the game and also usable by almost everyone!

All of these decks were shared on Clash Royale Arena before so make sure you check the mentioned pages also for more detailed tips and strategies.

Best Clash Royale Decks (From Arena 1 to Arena 12)

  • Arena 4: P.E.K.K.A, Hog Rider, Fireball, Arrows, Musketeer, Tombstone, Knight, Goblins
  • Arena 5: Hog Rider, Goblin Barrel, Witch, Minions, Fire Spirits, Skeleton Army, Zap, Fireball
  • Arena 6: Giant, Balloon, Barbarians, Archers, Skeleton Army, Tombstone, Fireball, Arrows
  • Arena 7: Golem, Tombstone, Archers, Zap, Fireball, Guards, Mega Minion, Baby Dragon
  • Arena 8: Miner, P.E.K.K.A, Goblins, Electro Wizard, Poison, Zap, Minions, Musketeer
  • Arena 9, 10, 11 and 12:
    • Mortar, Miner, Skeleton Barrel, Knight, Goblin Gang, Spear Goblins, Minion Horde, Zap
    • Mega Knight, Miner, Skeleton Barrel, Inferno Dragon, Zap, Spear Goblins, Bats, Goblin Gang
    • Golem, Night Witch, Lumberjack, Flying Machine, Mega Minion, Poison, Zap, Goblin Hut
    • Hog Rider, Ice Golem, Tornado, Rocket, The Log, Mega Minion, Ice Golem, Tombstone
    • Battle Ram, Miner, Three Musketeers, Ice Golem, Zap, Goblin Gang, Minion Horde, Elixir Collector

These are the decks I recommend that you use for trophy pushing because all the cards in every deck I’m going to share in this article are fairly easy to obtain and easy to level up. And it’s important that you use the best and highest level cards for moving up in Arenas.

More detailed General Gameplan of each deck is being updated…

The best Clash Royale decks in this article are just my favorite ones and most of them are for Free-to-play players.

Top 3 Decks for Arena 1, 2 and 3

For Arenas 1, 2, and 3, I recommend using any one of these three decks. All three of decks are very easy to master and have excellent synergy.

All 3 above are standard Giant Beatdown Decks with support cards that cover the following areas.

  1. A mini tank – Knight that can defend for a positive trade vs common cards like Musketeer. in the back etc and whatnot.
  2. Musketeer: Anti air single target damage to take care of Baby Dragon. Baby Dragon is annoying as hell in low Arenas. Always remember to utilize her range.
  3. Cheap cycle cards – I go with the 1 ground and 1 air idea. Minions and Goblins. You can use Skeletons or Skeleton Army instead of Goblins.
  4. Win condition – Giant, the earliest and easiest to use win condition.
  5. Splash attackers – Witch, Baby dragon or Bomber If you don’t have those ones.
  6. Spells – Fireball and Arrows. Very useful on both offense and defense!

The Best Arena 4 Deck

P.E.K.K.A Hog Rider

There are a lot of Giant decks in this arena so this is somewhat of a counter deck.

There is no real splash in this deck so you want to rely on Arrows and Fireball to deal with swarms.

This deck is very solid. I got my level 1 account to 2300 trophies with it.

Giant Beatdown

I recommend using the Giant beatdown deck above, as it is the strongest attack strategy in the lower Arenas.

The Giant combined with Witch and Musketeer are incredibly difficult to counter, especially since the biggest weakness to this is the Inferno Tower, but most people either don’t use the Inferno Tower here or have very low level Inferno.

We also have Minions that can be used to distract the Inferno Tower.

While Skeleton Army is also a big weakness to the Giant, but with the Witch, she can instantly destroy those Skeletons with her splash.

The Best Arena 5 Deck

Zap bait in lower arenas is a very easy deck to dominate with.

Typically, most players in Arena 7 don’t know that they ought to save spells for certain cards.

You want to exploit this.

Use whichever tank you like! If you run Hog then Hog use bait. You like Giant Skeleton, Valk or your Giant.

Barrel is your win condition.

You can include other damage dealers too like the Giant and Hog. (Only 1). Up-to you. I think any tank will do well.

Defend, then counterpush with tank in front of troops then use Goblin Barrel and that should work out fine for you!

The Best Arena 6 Deck

This is the strongest offensive combination for Arena to be honest.

Simply play the Balloon behind the Giant, and it becomes very difficult to stop it from destroying a tower, especially in the lower Arenas where there aren’t many good defensive options.

This deck has lots of very defensive cards.

With Balloon bomb hitting troops, if they stack units, don’t hesitate to Fireball on defense.

The Best Deck for Arena 7

Typical Golem deck. No collector, but if you want collector you can replace Tombstone with it.

Tombstone works better as a passive Elixir advantage generator rather than pump which can get punished easily.

If you think you can handle trading tower damage for Elixir advantages and think you can play well in that sort of manner you can swap out Tombstone for the Collector.

The Best Arena 8 Deck

This is very solid deck. Indeed. This deck helped me win a lot of Challenges.

P.E.K.K.A level isn’t too dependent. Just play cautiously and don’t use her on offense. You will heavily lean on the P.E.K.K.A on defense.

Miner Poison is your main offensive combo to deal damage.

The Best Decks for Arena 9, 10, 11 and 12

Assuming that by now you have opened loads of chests so Legendary cards are not the real problem anymore…

Mortar Miner Skeleton Barrel Bait

A very powerful deck right now on ladder. A very good choice for trophy pushing.

The deck contains staggering 7 commons giving you a very swift upgrading ability while having 1 level independent legendary to a certain extent: The Miner!

This deck has 3 win-conditions (though you can argue that all other bait cards are used more for damage): Miner, Mortar and Skeleton Barrel.

Basically, you gotta be aggressive and focus on double lane pushing. In 2x elixir, you can have a Mortar and protect it in one lane while on the other lane you can have Miner + SB!

Knight is great as basic defensive mini-tank while the rest are bait cards which you can use to punish the opponent on wrong spell priorities.

Mega Miner Skeleton Barrel

Another deck utilizing the popular and powerful Miner SB combo with the addition of evergreen MK and the bait cards that go well with Miner SB combo.

This deck is basically a spell bait deck.

However, it has less punishing cards and more heavy cards enabling a complex push which isn’t weak to heavy splash yet can be deadlyagainst low splash and has a beatdown-like pushing ability.

Mainly, it will either baiting spells and using SB Miner with other cards or counter pushing with MK and ID.

ID has a great role in this deck as major tank killer and another Zap bait card with a good counter pushing ability.

This deck shines in overtime.

Golem Poison Gob Hut Beatdown

You may recognize this as Flake Power’s deck from Youtuber Challenge.

A very powerful beatdown deck utilizing the meta cards like Poison and Goblin Hut, a deadly melee combo of recently buffed NW and LJ and the evergreen Golem and Mega Minion.

This deck takes time in building pushes due to absence of elixir collector but makes it up with the annoying Gob Hut.

Flying Machine with its great rage can be a killer as it can protect the golem from afar and is deadly when raged up with LJ’s death effect.

Talking about LJ, the newly buffed melee combo of NW and LJ is deadlier than ever (not counting the early domination of NW).

Poison does well in this deck than Lightning as this deck lacks a splash troop.

Mostly, defending and chipping in first 2 minutes while pushing in 2x elixir.

Hog Rocketnado

One of the popular decks Hog decks on TV Royale.

IMO this is the best Hog deck right now as it has a very strong defence along with two win-conditions: Hog Rider and Rocket (in some cases).

The powerful Ice Golem + Hog Combo along with the insanely strong defence of Tombstone, Ice Wiz, Mega Minion and Rocketnado is killer.

Mostly you will be relying on IG + Hog for damage while use Ice wiz and Mega Minion as support when going for a counter push.

Don’t generally, take them on offense as they have more need on defence and the opponent can hit you hard if you don’t have them.

Rocket is great as tower finisher and can be used as a win-condition in case there are many Hog counters.

Rocket can also be used on defence in conjunction with iWiznado and Tombstone to stop any push, don’t forget the Mega Minion for higher damage!

This strong defence also helps you go for a draw if even Rocket Cycle doesn’t seem a good option for winning.

3M Miner Ram Swarm

A very popular since last couple of balance changes.

This is easily the strongest 3M deck right now IMO even though versions with Giant or Royal Ghost, Cannon Cart or Zappies or CWA’s LJ version can be seen.

Simple strategy: Pump up in first two minutes and then Spell Bait, 3M, Dual lane punish, Repeat.

The high DPS swarms of Goblin Gang and Minion Horde with slow but deadly Musketeers with the quick counter needing Battle Ram and Miner enable a Dual Lane Pushing ability in which both lanes are equally strong and hard to stop.

Only problem is against MK but with proper plays it can be countered. And after one tower is down its basically GG as a well-timed 3M in the pocket can almost destroy the 2nd tower.

Bonus: Turn Your Deck into the Best Clash Royale Deck Ever!

Wassup Guys! It’s B-Yacht’CH (aka DabMaster2) back at it again with another guide for your guys. Today I’ll be explaining how to improve your deck, finding weaknesses, and overall making a better deck! Keep in mind, this is not a guide about how to make a deck, but this is only a guide to making a better deck.

Let’s get into it!

Noticing Card Weaknesses and How to Fix Them!

The best way to find out your deck’s greatest weakness is while using the deck in battle. Play against many different decks and find out what card(s) your deck struggles with the most. It doesn’t always have to be a certain card, it could be a deck archetype like beatdown.

Once you have that figured out the weakness, swap in a card which can help you counter your weakness.

To find out what card to swap out for, think: Which card is the most like the card I’m swapping in?

Cards have separate roles they fulfill (I’ll talk more about it later). Some role examples are: Tower killer, splash damage, and main defense.

For example, you swap out a Tombstone (main defense) for a Cannon.

Your substitutions don’t always work. Keep play testing your deck to find the most suitable cards to use.

Choosing the Right Spells for your Deck!

Spells are one of the MOST IMPORTANT parts of your deck. They define your attack and defense.  They are used to fill in the weaknesses of your deck and fulfill certain card roles that your cards don’t.

Clash Royale Decks can use either 1 spell, 2 spells, or 3 spells.

Too many, or no spells can be bad for a deck.

1 Spell – With only one spell, you will need to use a versatile direct damage spell. Examples are: zap, arrows, fireball. Having only one spell allows for the use of more troops but weakens your ability for direct damage and to damage your opponent’s troops with spells.

2 Spells – 2 Spells are the most common amount used in a deck. One spell is a high-damage spell while the other is a low-damage spell. This gives you a versatile spell arsenal.

3 Spells – Having 3 spells gives your deck a lot of spell versatility and allows you to control the battle more. You have 1 high-damage spell that you reserve for certain situations and 2 versatile spells to use on the fly.

Beatdown decks tend to use Lightning, Control decks can use a wide variety of spells, and Siege decks usually use spells to defend the siege weapon and a rocket as a backup plan to damage the enemy tower.

Use spells which fill in weaknesses in your deck!

For example, if you are using a Golem deck, use a Lightning spell to be able to take out an Inferno Tower. If your deck lacks splash damage, use Fireball and or Zap/Log to make up for the lack of splash damage. If you are using a “special effect” spell (Rage, Freeze, Clone, etc.), use Arrows or Zap for a versatile spell or use two other spells to give you the ability to use a high-damage spell and low-damage spell in combination with your “special effect” spell.

Creating Synergy

What is synergy? Synergy is when the combined effects of cards are greater than the sum of their separate effects. Some examples are: Tank + Graveyard, Miner + Minions, and Executioner + Tornado.

Your deck in Clash Royale doesn’t always need to have every single card synergize. Too much synergy can make your deck too offensive or too defensive. Most decks are built around 2 or 3 cards which synergize very well on offense. The other cards are made to support that synergy. Now, look at your deck. Does it have a combo which synergize well? If not swap out cards to make a good synergy.

Decide of you want to use synergizing spells or synergizing troops, or both. Synergy of spells will help with fast decks and synergy of troops are more for counter pushing or building up a strong push.

Here are most important things to consider for your synergy:

Are they both card countered by the same card?
Is there a better synergy?
What is the elixir cost? Is it too expensive?

If your notice any weaknesses, go through the process of eliminating that weakness by having other cards to support.

For example, LavaLoon is hard countered Minion horde, so bring Arrows into your deck.

Role Fulfillment in Clash Royale Deck

What is role fulfillment? Role fulfillment is the purpose that a card is in a Clash Royale deck. A card can serve one purpose, or more!

I see many decks using too many of one role.

For example, they have Wizard, Bowler, and Executioner in one deck. That’s way too many splash damage! Instead replace them something else more useful. The deck may lack a high damage card.

Sometimes, role fulfillment can influence card usage.

For example: The Hog Rider. He is a very popular win condition and is used in every meta. It’s because Hog Rider fulfills two important card roles: Win Condition and Tank. Hog Rider can be used to damage a tower and has enough health to tank damage for other glass cannons like Musketeer.

The same can be said for a card which is barely used. The Dark Prince does splash damage and spell-resistant but doesn’t have enough health and damage to be a win condition. To be honest, Dark Prince doesn’t do much.

When assessing your deck, notice the roles that your cards have. Are you missing a role or do you have too many of one role? Use this knowledge to your advantage and see if different cards may work better.

Ladder vs. Challenge Decks?

People may classify decks as either ladder or challenge. What is it really that separates ladder from challenge?

Let’s start with the differences of ladder and challenges. Ladder only has a 1-minute overtime while challenges have a 3-minute overtime. In ladder, it’s easier to play for a draw but in challenges the longer overtime allows more time for more opportunities to damage a tower. Another difference is card levels. In ladder, cards can be drastically over-leveled, but in challenges, cards are capped to Tourney standard to keep the playing field equal.

Ladder decks rely on higher damage cards to get as much damage to the enemy tower as possible. The reason why Miner Poison decks are only used for challenges is because these decks use small chip damage on the enemy tower to whittle it down having a total of 6 minutes to do so in a match. Ladder matches only have a total of 4 minutes so miner poison chip damage isn’t as effective.

Another thing to note is if your ladder deck is weak to certain card(s), it’s no big deal. You can take a loss from time-to-time, but in challenges, you can only lose 3 times before it ends. Challenge decks need to be very solid to be able to counter a wide variety of archetypes.

Consider the Meta

he meta is an important thing to consider when assessing your deck.

What is the meta? The meta is the strategy which Clash Royale players have found to be the most effective throughout the balance changes. Some previous metas are: Giant Poison, Royal Giant (*shudder*), PEKKA Double Prince, and Hog Trifecta.

The meta can sometimes vary between different trophy ranges. For example, in the trophy range of 3000-4000, elite barbs are used in almost every single match, while in the top 200, Elite Barbs are barely used at all.

Since the meta is used very frequently, if your deck is weak to the meta, your deck won’t see much success. If you are in the trophy range of 3000-4000, use a deck which can counter elite barbs since they are seen EVERY WHERE. In the current state of Clash Royale, the top 200 has a very wide variety of meta (finally, Supercell made the game balanced).

You may also choose to use the meta. Since the meta is the most effective strategy, it’s the most like to get you wins, right? You can also modify the meta decks in Clash Royale as much as you want to fit your playstyle.

Have Faith in Your Clash Royale Decks

The last thing I want to mention is to have faith in your deck. When you are using it, believe in yourself and have confidence.

Playing the same deck for a lengthy period lets you play it much better. While your playstyle improves, you will fix the weaknesses and mistakes that you normally make. Through much practice, you finally play the deck better than anyone else would.

The reason why changing decks can cause you to lose trophies is because you will still need practice to master it. You will need to face many situations to figure out how to play in those situations.

Every card has many different uses beyond what you think you know. Using the same deck many, many times, allows you to discover secret tactics. When 3 Musketeers first came out, no one new that splitting them in the back allows for a powerful double lane push.

Of course, there are still disadvantages or specializing in one deck. Once that deck gets pushes out of the meta and starts to have little success, you will need to find a new deck when you have not practiced in any other archetypes. By generalizing in wide variety of decks in Clash Royale, you won’t specialize in any but will still be able to play well in every archetype.

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Hopefully you have chosen the best Clash Royale deck for your play style after reading this page!

Don’t hesitate to comment and show us your favorite decks in the game.

I will post them into the main article If the are deserved!